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InfoWARE Pro trader and Trade Wizard are AI Powered trading processes designed to guide investors in making investment decisions by providing real-time data and analysis of market trends, stock prices, and other relevant information.

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InfoWARE ProTRADER is a professional trading platform that enables firms of all sizes including banks, brokerage houses, and buy-side firms to leverage their existing infrastructure for multi-asset electronic trading, Buy-side route trades, and Sell Sides enroute the exchange and provide the required market analytics to dealers. Wouldn’t it be better if your HNI’s had ProTrader?

Trade Wizard provides investors with a range of technical analysis tools to help identify trading opportunities and make informed investment decisions. It provides guidance to new entrants who have little or no knowledge of stock trading to pick and place stock orders seamlessly.

These tools include charting and pattern recognition, risk management, and automated trading strategies. Overall, these AI Powered trading processes aim to simplify the investment process and improve decision-making for investors.

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